Hello Everyone, in our last story we learned the conversion of SQL queries to MongoDB. In this story, we will see what data modeling is, Types, and advantages. Here we go…!!!

Consideration :- Whenever we are designing any application we must have to take care of some parameters which are given below.

i) Data Usage of Application = In terms of queries, updates, and data processing.

ii) Inherent data structure = To reduce complexity issues of data structure using various optimized queries.

Design of Data Model :- There are two types of data models which is provided by MongoDB => Embedded data model and Normalized data model.

A) Embedded Data Model :- It is also called a De-normalized Data model. In this data model, all related data will be in one single document or structure.

Example- If we have a collection of students in three different documents like student_details, Contact, Address. Then will get a result of all three documents in a single form.

B) Normalized Data Model :- Using this model you can do three different sub-documents of the above example, which are given below.

i) Student :-

ii) student_details :-

iii) Contact :-

iv) Address:-

Advantages of Data Modeling :-

i) Improved your data quality.

ii) You will get better performance.

iii) Application quality will be higher.

iv) Enhanced integration.

In our next story, We will see more about MongoDB with more information. Thank You…!!!

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